The Pride Foundation in SL is a charity organization dedicated to bringing together LGBTQQI+ Spaces and Designers that support us. We are the people supporting and organizing The SL Pride Festival 2021.

The Pride Foundation and SL Pride Festival make no money from events, All proceeds for 2021 will be donated to "The Trans Lifeline"





This year SL Pride will run from July 2-11th and will take place all over Second Life.  As part of this event there will be:



Each of our wonderful vendors who participate every year are committed, supportive and proud to be a part our SL Pride community.


Club Hopping

Our all access HUD will link you to the events that will be taking place that week at participating of the LGBTQQI+ Spaces!  

Look out for the artists, singers and songwriters that make our SL cultural experience what it is! They will be featured at the shopping event and on many of the SIMs participating in Events!

Look out for our access HUD in world at par
ticipating shops and vendors in order to make sure you can find all the events!